Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wing Chun: Feeling to fill the void.

     If you have ever dug a hole, there reaches a threshold where it seems for every bit of dirt you shovel out, new dirt slides into the void to take its place.  Wing Chun, like that annoying dirt, will fill that void without hesitation.  If we start thinking "is this a good idea" or "could this be a trick" we lose the initiative and transform what should be a sub-conscience reflex into a much slower cognitive process.  
     Forward intention is only theoretical, however, if you don't feel the void to begin with.  Sometimes our mind becomes preoccupied with what we plan on doing and we lose track of what is actually happening.  Physical tension also diminishes sensitivity which is why so much of our technique involves an open hand because a formed first tightens up the muscles in the forearm and reduces feel.  Even our punch waits till the last moment before the fist full forms and tightens and then immediately relaxes after the hit.  

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