Monday, January 10, 2011

Wing Chun: The Center Line Punch

The center line punch is the primary attack of Wing Chun.  It originates, travels, and impacts from your center to your opponent's center.  Hit through the target and then allow hand to relax and fall in a natural arc (along center) as it regenerates to strike again.  The punch should not hammer down but should drive through the target with a piston type action as if you are being pushed from the back side of your elbow. Practice this punch in the air, on light targets (as pictured), on the wall bag, and on heavy bags.  The wooden dummy is also useful to encourage your elbow to stay in tight (the arms of the dummy create a "V" to guide you to the center) but watch that you do not strike the dummy with too much force or you will break your hand.

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  1. Always good to reinforce elbow position (and be reminded that the dummy always wins).