Sunday, January 23, 2011

Five Animal Kenpo: The Fire of Dragon

Each of the Five Animals are associated with an element. Dragon (Fire), Snake (Earth), Tiger (Metal), Leopard (Water), and Crane (Wood). It would be tempting to think of the Dragon's association with fire as a consequence of its fire breathing personality (distant cousin to Godzilla perhaps?) However, the Five Elements and their creative and controlling cycle are brought to us not from Western Europe but rather Asia where dragons have no fire breathing heritage.

In China, dragons are found exclusively in water and thus are found in the great seas or up in the clouds. So why would the Dragon not be assigned the element of water? Because the Dragon is not created by water, but instead is controlled by it. The Dragon can only exist where water allows it to travel (like a short term visa). If water controls the element of fire; and if water controls the Dragon; then therefore the Dragon must be fire.

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  1. Best blog yet. Are specific weapons are associated with each of the five animals?