Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Five Animal Kenpo: Why 5 = 2.

     The five animals exist in a controlling cycle (like rock/scissors/paper) that is based upon the Chinese Philosophy of the "Five Elements."  The "Five Elements" are actually a detailed break down of the cycle of creation and destruction that results in the flow and balance between yin and yang. How is it that five fighting methods are really reduced down into two (yin and yang)? 
      A Tiger (committed, aligned power) attacks.  The response to neutralize this force should be the Dragon.  If used, the fight is over (Tiger attacked, Dragon won...) and thus just two animals settled it.  If however, the Tiger adjusts his tactics and creates into the Leopard, then he can now defeat the Dragon.  If this happens, now the Leopard wins and the Dragon loses -- which is still now just two animals.  So at any given point, it is one tactic matched against another.  Either one adapts or loses, and if adaptation takes place than we are at a "two animal" contest.  The yin/yang transition between what you are and what you might become in essence battles the yin/yang transition of your opponent but at any given moment only two animals are in the arena.

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