Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fitness Kickboxing: High low, high low, off to train we go.

     Sometimes in kickboxing we drill an exact combination of strikes on the bag the coach has outlined.  In other cases, we are given free reign to let the combinations flow as we choose.  During the freestyle periods on the bag, it is tempting to turn a groove into a rut as we repeat familiar, similar patterns.   Here is a few tips to force you out of the rut and get your body moving in new and challenging ways.
     One rut is to always hit at a similar height.  If you tend to be a head hunter, explore dropping down to the body.  Also vary the height of particular techniques thrown.  For example, you might love throwing that roundhouse kick to the body but try brining it up to the head height occasionally.  On the other extreme, a few quick roundhouse kick flurries leg height also changes the feel and tempo.  Hook punches are most commonly thrown to the head but play with dropping the stance down and throwing those hooks into the body.
     Other ideas: Change the tempo of your stirkes, the intensity and power of your blows, the proportion of hands to feet of your combos, and the footwork patterns of how you move in, away, and around your target.  Any one of these variants will make your workout more interesting and round out the martial skill benefit of your efforts.

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